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  • Automotive Electronics

    Since the vehicle transportation appeared more than 100 years ago, drivers and passengers safety, carbon emission management, and asset management have always been the main problems for this industry. With the help of modern mobile communication technology, internet of vehicles (IoV) is the most efficient way to resolve all these issues.

    IoV works on wireless voice services, digital communications, and satellite navigation systems and provides traffic information, emergency response, and remote vehicle diagnosis through wireless networks for drivers and passengers.

    As the most self-motivated and commercialized market, IoV will acquire a large-scale growth and encounter an application burst. In the future, IoV will be in broader application and become the basic service of vehicles. Neoway customized IoT communication solutions to automotive electronics, connecting vehicles to networks.

    Intelligent 4G OBD Solution 

    Based on latest generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and STM32 chipset, Neoway 4G OBD solution allows customers to develop aftermarket products. It runs Android OS and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The OBD works as a wireless gateway in cars and adapts to different scenarios by transplanting third-party APPs.

    Neoway Tracker Solution

    Based on the GPS positioning function, the tracker provides users current location and cycle recording within the past several weeks. It supports anti-theft, remote monitoring, remote call for help, and alarm for low pressure. This solution is well applicable to vehicle monitoring, anti-theft, vehicle lease, and insurance investigation.