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  • IoT Solutions for Electricity AMR

    Wireless smart metering integrated with modern mobile communication technology and electric power management system to transform traditional manual metering into automatic electricity utilization data transmission through wireless networks. It is a typical application of wireless and smart city.

    Neoway N720 module brings huge values to customers in smart metering by implementing the following functions:

    Automatic collection of smart meter reading to lower the collection cost;

    In-time and precise data collection;

    Real-time monitoring for O&M to avoid power theft and leakage;

    Improving power efficiency;

    Industry-leading server-client mixing mode .

    With good security and high reliability, Neoway N720 modules can adapt to all kinds of adverse environment with high temperature, high pressure, or bad EMI. They are widely used in various fields, especially in smart metering. By now, a large number of data concentrators, data collectors, electric load controllers, and net meters have been running on live networks. In China, Neoway occupies 65% in the metering market.