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    IoT heated Japan IT Week, Neoway won customers' favor outside China

    Release time:2017.05.12

    On May 12th, Japan IT Week 2017 ended at Tokyo International Exhibition Center in Tokyo. This is the largest IT exhibition and B2B trade exhibition in Japan and attracted global IT solution providers and users who are interested in Asian market.

    As IoT is becoming hotter and hotter, the extending IoT/M2M Expo Spring was the highlight of Japan IT Week 2017. Exhibitors included IoT terminal devices manufacturers, carriers, and solution providers. Various application cases of low power wide area (LPWA) technologies and IoT in automation, remote monitoring, disaster monitoring, animal monitoring, smart dustbin, indoor positioning, etc.

    As world's leading cellular modules and IoT solutions provider, Neoway exhibited latest cellular modules and mature IIoT solutions with the theme of Connectivity @ IoT. Neoway's exhibitions included NB-IoT, eMTC, LTE Cat 4, LTE Cat 1, OpenLinux, GNSS modules, as well as IIoT and IoV solutions.

    Building the most reliable connectivity for customers

    The latest product N20 NB-IoT module is the focus of Neoway's stand. Audiences from different countries showed their interest in the application of low-power narrowband technology in metering. N20 is a high-performance and low-power module developed on Qualcomm platform. It supports NB-IoT, eMTC, and EGPRS. N20 embeds GNSS receiver and provides various hardware interfaces to facilitate development. It is well applicable to water and gas facilities with its compact size.

    Making your device smarter

    Developed on industrial cellular modules, Neoway's smart in-vehicle 4G terminals and 4G industrial control terminals connected customers' vehicles and industrial equipment to the Internet. Real-time position tracking, status report, diagnosis and control make your device smarter and enhance the O&M efficiency.

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