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    Neoway Cooperates with Haier and Nations Build a New IoT Security Platform

    Release time:2019.07.03

          On July 2, Neoway Technology Co. Ltd. (hereafter Neoway) officially signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement with Haier Digital Technology (Qingdao) (Haier) and Nations Technologies Inc.(Nations) to jointly build the first commercial security system for user passwords in the field of industrial Internet in Qingdao.


           Relying on its own manufacturing experience for more than 30 years, Haier took the initiative to explore in the light of national strategy, and built COSMOPlat, an industrial Internet platform with Chinese own intellectual property rights. As the world's first industrial Internet platform that lets users experience the whole process , COSMOPlat will share its own experience with companies from different countries and industries, provide solutions of mass customization transformation service with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and help upgrade global enterprises.

           Nations is a leading enterprise in China's integrated circuit design industry and has maintained a leading edge in commercial password application for more than 10 years. Based on high-level security chip technology, Nations focuses on providing strong identity authentication services like user authentication and device management for online applications such as online banking, e-payment, e-government, and e-commerce, and protect information security.

           Neoway is dedicated to providing access communication products and services for industrial Internet of Things. Neoway's products include 2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT/eMTC cellular modules, devices, and solutions, which are widely used in IIoT, energy metering, IoV, smart city, security monitoring and other industries. In recent years, Neoway has helped Gree achieve intelligent remote control of commercial air conditioners; Haier and Neoway have jointly developed industrial gateway products to promote the rapid development of intelligent wireless communication for household appliances; this year, Neoway received a strategic investment from Midea. Neoway's layout in the smart home appliances, commercial electrical appliances and other industries are now gradually spread out as its IoT ecosystem has seen the prototype. 

           According to the agreement, the three parties will innovate together to create an industrial IoT device security platform with chipsets and clouds that meet the security requirements of Chinese cipher algorithm, relying on Haier COSMOPlat mass customization mode, the chip security technology provided by Nations, as well as Neoway's strengths in cellular modules and gateways. This platform is the first one innovated in China and it has three excellent technology genes of enterprises, but also leads the innovation practice of the industry.


           In this June Chinese Ministry of  Industry and Information Technology(MIIT) issued 5G licensesfor commercial rollout, and recently the 2019 Work Plan of the Special Working Group for Industrial Internet, which clearly stated that it would encourage the wide application of commercial passwords in the IIoT. Taking advantage of the convenienceof the policy and conforming to the development of the IoT industry, the technical cooperation and resource integration of Neoway, Haier and Nations will give full play to their advantages in each one's professional field, and further boost the intelligent, safe, fast and sustainable development of industrial IoT. The three enterprises will form a stable "iron triangle" and strike hard to create another innovative industrial IoT platform.

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