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    IOTE 2019 | Multiple IoT Connecting Products Flashing in Neoway Booth, Continuous Improvement of Customer Value with Stability and Reliability

    Release time:2019.07.31

    The 12th International Internet of Things Exhibition (IOTE 2019) was held in Shenzhen on July 30th. The exhibition has already successfully held eleven sessions since now, serving nearly 300,000 global professional buyers, and promoting cooperation projects worth nearly¥100 billion. It is a grand get-together for IoT exchange that covers the whole upstream and downstream links of the IIoT chain from IoT perception, connectivity, cloud platform and various scenario applications.

    Founded in the field of IoT communications for more than 10 years, Neoway has played an important role as stable and reliable connectors. In IOTE 2019, it highlighted not only its latest frontier products but also rich successful application cases.

    Rich Product Application Scenarios to Assist Actual Implementation 

    At booth 1A13, Neoway demonstrated its successful business cases in various industrial fields through  interactive experiences and attracted many visitors to stop for consultation and further communication.


    The Neoway Industrial IoT products and schemes have been widely used in many aspects, such as industrial equipment monitoring, environmental monitoring, logistics management, etc., providing a safer, more reliable and more efficient scheme for industrial operation.

    Based on N11, N720, N1, D1020 and other stable and reliable cellular communication modules and terminals, as well as equipment management platform, Neoway’s commercial retail solution makes the commercial IoT and management of goods more convenient and reliable. There are many other application cases on site, such as shared charging treasure, intelligent POS machine, payment box, intelligent set-top box, intelligent audio, intelligent water purifier and so on.

    Neoway also highlighted the new vehicle management solutions and C-V2X solutions for auto-driving. Vehicle management solution enables users to know the usage of vehicles whenever and wherever possible with abnormal alarm function, and view vehicle location and vehicle trajectory. C-V2X solution is based on cellular network, realizing V2V, V2N, V2I, V2P and other functions. It can enable vehicles to communicate with surrounding objects quickly and interact information in real time, which is the key to realize road traffic safety and auto-driving. After the Ministry of Industry and Communications issued a 5G commercial license in June, it has become general application scenarios of 5G. The Neoway C-V2X scheme can provide safer and more effective technical guarantee for vehicles in emergency braking, reverse overtaking warning, collision prevention warning at intersections, speed limit warning and other aspects.

    5G products will soon be unveiled and stability and reliability is our unremitting pursuit

    Brand new product

    Besides the full range of cellular communication modules, Neoway also launched its first new product S6 at IoTE conference, a high-end 4G smart module, which can be used for face brushing payment, VR, UAV, AI-based high-end smart devices and so on. It supports 1080P high-definition video recording and playback, dual-screen, dual-wire and dual-screen touch control, etc. Dual-camera function can support 4 video cameras, etc. It is worth noting that the newly developed 5G communication module will also be on the market in the near future. It will be applied in many scenarios with large bandwidth, low delay and high reliability, such as intelligent manufacturing, smart city, smart transportation and intelligent medical treatment, which are closely related to human production and life.


    Performance Test Zone

    For all walks of life in the IoT, the demand for stable and reliable communications has never been changed. As an important link between "thing" and "Internet", Neoway products and solutions are well known for their stable and reliable communication. At the IOTE 2019 exhibition site, Neoway specially set up the module product communication test area. Through the demonstration of analog abnormal power failure, backup recovery, TCP data transmission and reception, power test and so on, exhibitors truly experienced the characteristics of Neoway products.


    Neoway was famous in stable and reliable communication because of its strong accumulation of cellular communication technology, strong product innovation ability, industry-leading radio frequency and reliability expert team, unique data protection mechanism, professional R&D and testing laboratories, and scientific product IPD, and quality management system of automobile industry conforming to IATF16949:2016 standard.


    In addition, in IOTE 2019 exhibition, the module star N720 stands out from the competition of tens of thousands of products, and won the "IOTE 2019 Gold Award"

    In the following two days, Neoway continued to exchange in-depth with customers and partners nand benefit each other from technology communication and win-win cooperation.

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