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Low-power Wireless Modules Are in High Demand in Consumer Electronics

Market research reports show that low-power wireless modules are in high demand in consumer electronics and are very popular in lower-product applications. These all stem from the widespread adoption of wireless technology in smart home automation and consumer electronics.

1. The importance of low-power wireless modules

Low-power wireless modules play an important role in the wireless industry ecosystem, with radios, microcontrollers, non-active memory and antennas all combined in a small package.

This low-power wireless module is popular in lower-volume applications because it eliminates expensive non-recurring expenditures associated with RF design, verification and certification, saving manufacturers time in project development.

2. The scheme of low-power wireless module

Not only modules are popular, but the module solution is also favored by some mass production equipment because it can simplify the production process and increase flexibility. A single modular design can be reused across multiple products, reducing supply chain complexity and risk.

One of the advantages of a modular approach is that older products can be upgraded with new wireless capabilities without changing the hardware design of the entire product.

In short, the market is gradually getting rid of proprietary communication protocols, and the adoption of low-power wireless communication technology has become a trend. In 2011, modules using proprietary communication protocols accounted for 88% of total shipments, and in 2018 this proportion will further drop to 50%. This is because business buyers want to avoid being tied to a single supplier and to achieve interoperability between different systems; in addition, consumers also want various devices to communicate with smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices.

The increasing demand for wireless communication technology in the consumer electronics, automotive, and smart home fields has become the driving force behind the growth of low-power wireless module shipments. In the fastest growing application field of wireless modules, the consumer electronics field is estimated to reach about 36%, and the demand for modules is expected to increase in the next few years.

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