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5G+C-V2X Smart Antennas Enable Non-stop Vehicle Communications

Have vehicle owners ever encountered such situations? When entering mountainous areas and underground garages, in-vehicle equipment often has weak or no signals; when a large number of vehicles gather, the in-vehicle equipment is interfered, and there is even the phenomenon of in-vehicle broadcasting crosstalk...In the process of vehicle driving, complex topography, building clusters, and dense urban green belts will affect the transmission of radio waves. In-vehicle smart antennas can effectively solve these problems.

Traditional in-vehicle antennas are scattered in various components of the vehicle, and the long transmission distance leads to signal attenuation, and the deployment cost is high. The new, highly integrated smart antennas and the use of the most advanced 5G+V2X technology can improve the communications quality and efficiency of vehicles.

  • Smart antennas aggregate multiple antennas in the shark fin, reducing development and application costs.
  • Various application functions, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, FM/AM, and SIM cards, are provided, greatly improving signal quality and stability.
  • The application of V2X technology can implement auxiliary warning of vehicles in a variety of scenarios, such as forward collision, blind spot reminder, lane change, and intersection collision.

The 5G+C-V2X full-function automotive-grade module A590 developed by Neoway Technology complies with IATF 16949 and ACE-Q100 standards, and can work in the range of -40°C to+85°C. In addition, it meets the requirements of the IoV industry in various fields and provides stable and reliable in-vehicle communications services.

  • Small dimensions: The A590 dimensions are only 52 mm × 52 mm × 3 mm, which can well meet the requirements of products with high dimension and space requirements, such as shark fin smart antennas.
  • High-precision positioning: A590 integrates Qualcomm single-frequency/dual-frequency GNSS positioning system, completes RTX algorithm integration, supports QDR directional navigation, and meets the precise positioning requirements in a variety of special scenarios.
  • Separate antennas: The 4×4 MIMO high-performance separate antennas are designed according to operator regulations to ensure stable and efficient communications performance.
  • Wi-Fi/BT: A590 supports extended Wi-Fi6 high-speed hotspot network sharing and extended indoor positioning algorithms, and supports BT5.0 high-speed Bluetooth protocol.
  • Dual SIM dual active (DSDA): The data services of the two operators can be kept online at the same time, so that network coverage blind areas are reduced exponentially, high online rates are guaranteed, and the safety of smart driving is improved.
  • Rich interfaces: A590 supports multiple data and control interfaces, fully covering vehicle application scenarios.

In the 5G era, Neoway Technology continues its stable and reliable differentiated advantages, and uses the highly reliable 5G automotive-grade module A590 to enable IoV applications. A590 can be applied to terminals, such as OBU, smart cockpit, in-vehicle central control, and RSU, providing the driving force to accelerate the application for the "smart vehicle"+"smart road".

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