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Neoway Collaborates with Neusoft to Help Accelerate the Implementation of 5G+V2X Applications

Neoway and Neusoft signed a strategic collaboration agreement to jointly develop the V2X ITS protocol stack based on Neoway's 5G+V2X star module A590, helping automotive customers quickly develop V2X applications.

In the past, customers needed to independently develop protocols in the V2X scenario, which was difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Development based on Neoway A590 that already has a complete ITS protocol stack can not only provide customers with high-quality 5G communications with high speed, low latency, and high bandwidth, but also provide V2X-related applications and underlying adaptation packages according to the needs of different scenarios. The development and deployment of lightweight applications greatly reduce the development difficulties of 5G+V2X and shorten the time-to-market of terminals. Relying on the strong product and technical support of Neoway and Neusoft, customers can conduct research and development for application scenarios more efficiently, accelerate the construction of 5G+V2X ecosystem, and promote the implementation of V2X applications.

The OBU, RSU, smart antenna, and other products based on Neoway A590 have been developed and tested by various parties, and have been gradually commercialized, providing stable, reliable, and secure communications services for customers in the global automotive electronics industry.

Neoway A590 is the industry's smallest full-function 5G+C-V2X module.

  • A590 is developed based on Qualcomm's automotive-grade chip platform and complies with IATF 16949 and AEC-Q100 standards.
  • A590 has a size of only 52 mm × 52 mm. A590 fully supports 5G, C-V2X, eCall, dual SIM dual active (DSDA), and multi-frequency multi-satellite GNSS.
  • A590 supports a full range of positioning systems, such as GPS and BDS. It can provide high-precision positioning, by using RTK and QDR, for customers in a variety of complex traffic conditions.
  • A590 supports DSDA. The simultaneous working of two cards reduces communications failures caused by network coverage blind areas.

Neusoft is the first listed software company in China and one of the earliest companies in China to carry out V2X technology research. It has entered the field of automotive electronics since 1991, and has deep accumulation in in-vehicle software. It has created a number of patented core algorithms and accumulated massive data. In the 5G era, the in-depth collaboration between Neoway and Neusoft will accelerate the implementation of IoV 5G+C-V2X, making driving safer and making traffic smarter.

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