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Neoway Cellular IoT Modules Ranked No.1 in the Indian Market!

Relying on its outstanding performance in the smart energy field and the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) industry, Neoway ranked the first in terms of market share of IoT wireless communication modules in India in Q4 of 2021 according to the latest report recently issued by Counterpoint, a well-known research agency.

The report shows that the revenue of global Internet of Things (IoT) cellular communication modules increased by 58% year on year in Q4 of 2021, of which the Indian market increased by 154% year on year. India became the country with the fastest growth of the IoT cellular communication module market. Relying on superior product performance and services, Neoway wins customer trust and ranked the first in the world in terms of the shipment share of IoT cellular communication module suppliers in the Indian market.

From the third to the first, Neoway took less than one year.

The position of Neoway in China's power IoT industry is obvious to all: Neoway ranks the first in terms of market share for 13 consecutive years and has profound technical precipitation and experience accumulation in the field of power IoT communication. Meanwhile, Neoway extends its advantages in China's power industry to countries outside China. It begun to cultivate the Indian power IoT market since the 2G era and successively launched wireless communication products such as 3G, LTE Cat.4, NB-IoT, and LTE Cat.1, leading the intelligent transition and upgrading of India's power IoT. Nowadays, Neoway ranked the first in terms of shipment of wireless communication modules in the Indian power IoT market.

The policy guidance and encouragement of the Indian government have injected impetus into the acceleration of electric vehicle development. The market has huge growth space. Neoway seizes the opportunity to help high-end electric two-wheeled vehicle customers develop on-board front-mounted central control terminals through intelligent module products, which provides a strong technical basis and communication guarantee for improving user experience and enriching the industry ecosystem. In the aftermarket of two-wheeled vehicles, Neoway Cat.1 module N58 has been successfully applied to terminals such as two-wheeled vehicle trackers. By positioning the vehicle and playing back the driving track, the module realizes efficient control over two-wheeled vehicles, reduces the theft rate, and guarantees the property safety of users.

Neoway technology quickly jumped to the first place in the Indian market, which is the result of leading technologies, stable and reliable products, and professional and efficient services.

  • Leading technologies: Neoway took the lead in launching the Cat.1 and NB-IoT products in the Indian market and became the first supplier of IoT access communication products and services in the world to apply Cat.1 to the Indian market, helping the IoT market such as Indian power complete 2G and 3G product iteration.
  • Stable and reliable products: Neoway wireless communication modules have passed more than 10 global certifications such as FCC, PTCRB, CCC, CE, GCF, AT&T, and Verizon, ensuring that the products meet the highest international quality standard, and have passed the "Double 85" test of temperature and humidity, meeting the stringent requirements for the environment. With a market share of more than 50% in the power IoT market, Neoway leads China's power IoT market for many consecutive years. The first "cloud, pipe and end" integrated access communication solution in the world provides customers such as IoT operators and intelligent Internet manufacturers with stable, reliable, and secure IoT products and services.
  • Stable supply: Between 2020 and 2021, under the pressure of COVID-19 and global chip shortage, Neoway still maintained stable supply to customers in the IoT industry. It made every attempt to meet customer needs, ensure continuous production and supply, and help the sustainable development of the IoT industry.
  • Localized services: In order to respond to the needs of local customers in time and ensure service quality, Neoway established a local sales and FAE team in India since 2016. It adheres to localized services and builds a localized service system that covers the whole country and is close to customers.

About Counterpoint

Counterpoint Research is a global market research agency specializing in TMT products. It provides major technology and financial companies with monthly reports and detailed analysis on customized projects and mobile and technology markets. All its analysts are experienced experts in the high-tech industry.

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