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Neoway Technology Attends Enlit Europe 2023, Contributing to Global Energy Digital Optimization and Transformation

From Nov. 28 to 30, Paris time, the 2023 European Power and Energy Exhibition (Enlit Europe 2023) took place in Paris, France. The event, spanning sectors like electricity, water, thermal energy, and gas, focused on topics such as smart metering, smart grids, data management, smart homes, AMR & AMI, communications & IT, and energy retail. As a comprehensive exhibition encompassing the entire energy industry chain, it has established itself as a global industry leader.

In 2023, Europe expedited its energy structure transformation, with many EU countries introducing policies to promote the growth of photovoltaic and wind power installations. According to energy think tank Ember, renewable energy generation in 17 EU countries reached a record high in the first half of the year. The European power market, encompassing multiple countries and regions and rich in renewable resources like photovoltaics and wind power, plays a crucial role in the global clean energy transition.

Neoway Technology participated in Enlit Europe 2023, drawing on its extensive experience and technological expertise in both domestic and international energy markets. The company showcased a comprehensive range of wireless communication products and solutions suitable for various energy scenarios, including electric metering, power gateways, mobile inspections, high-definition video surveillance, and more. This initiative aims to promote global energy structure optimization and support sustainable energy development.

From 2G to 5G, Neoway Technology has developed and launched a variety of multi-system wireless communication products, widely used in various power terminal equipment scenarios globally. Neoway's diverse product range caters to the needs of a global customer base, collaborating with numerous overseas meter factories like EDMI, Schneider, Genus, CPS, ADD, etc. The company has made significant shipments in regions including China, India, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, maintaining a leading market share in the Chinese and Indian power IoT markets for years.

Continuing to Promote LTE Cat.4 to Accelerate the Application of Public-Private Integrated Modules

Neoway Technology has launched LTE Cat.4 public-private integrated modules N717 and N729 this year, widely used in dedicated network scenarios for energy power. These modules cater not only to the energy private networks of China's power grids but also to Europe's unique 450M/750M private network frequency band layout, offering long-distance, stable, reliable, and secure data transmission in electricity information collection and distribution network automation systems.

Additionally, Neoway's LTE Cat.4 module N723-EA, with its CSD function, meets specific European energy meter needs and covers the EMEA region. The LTE Cat.4 module N728-LA, with its optional built-in GPS, has been applied in various energy scenarios in China, India, Europe, and Latin America, showcasing excellent performance and a high-integration cellular + positioning solution.

Leading 5G Applications and Advancing Towards Intelligent Power Highways

In recent years, Neoway Technology has introduced several 5G cellular modules, such as N511, N512, N513, performing excellently in smart power terminals, intelligent power plants, industrial gateways, 5G routers, high-definition video surveillance, and other power scenarios.

With 5G RedCap technology's advent, Neoway Technology introduced the N512A series RedCap modules, bridging a crucial gap for the energy industry and facilitating rapid product solution implementation in the industry chain.

In the evolving energy structure, new power system dispatch control is shifting from the traditional model to a multi-level coordinated control model of "source-grid-load-storage". This transition necessitates enhanced real-time perception and precise control capabilities at the power grid's end for distributed sources, loads, and storage resources. 5G's features of "sliceability, high bandwidth, high capacity, high reliability, and low latency" perfectly align with the communication network needs of the power IoT business. Neoway's 5G modules comprehensively support applications based on the 5G intelligent grid, such as distributed new energy, distributed energy storage, electric vehicles, and high-power intelligent machinery, meeting Europe's energy transformation needs and supporting the sustainable development of smart energy in Europe and globally.

Neoway Technology continues to provide globally leading, reliable IoT communication access, aiding in optimizing the global energy structure and contributing to a more eco-friendly, efficient, and convenient world.

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