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Neoway Tech's NB-IoT Module, N21-EA, Achieves GCF Certification

Neoway Tech's NB-IoT module, N21-EA, has recently passed the Global Certification Forum (GCF) test and thereby obtained its certification, which ensures a solid foundation for the expansion of N21-EA in global markets.

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) is one of the most authoritative certification organizations in the global wireless communication field, its certification is a crucial benchmark for communication products aiming for distribution across various European operators. Accepted and recognized by hundreds of operators, device producers, and testing entities, GCF certification allows for the sale of devices in most countries and regions globally.

The certification of the N21-EA module demonstrates its compliance with various operators' specifications, facilitating the landing of IoT applications in Eurasia and globally.

The N21-EA module is an industrial-grade NB-IoT wireless communication module, notable for its high integration, performance, security, sensitivity, and low power consumption. Featuring an advanced integrated security module architecture, it is well-suited for applications in smart gas, smart water, smoke alarms, smart industry, smart agriculture, logistics, environmental protection, and smart cities.

  • With a compact size of 18.0 mm x 13.8 mm x 2.4 mm, the N21-EA aids in reducing product size and cost.
  • With built-in Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for enhanced IoT terminal security.
  • With an extra-wide voltage range, compatible with various types of batteries.

Alongside N21-EA, Neoway Tech's product portfolio includes other NB-IoT modules like the N21 and N27, and 4G modules such as the N75 and N58, all meeting GCF certification standards.

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