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Neoway Released New Logo

On February 12th, Neoway Group released its new logo at Caesar's Palace in the Window of the World in Shenzhen.

At the convention, the director of Online Marketing Dept, Mr. Jin, made a detailed introduction to Neoway's new logo. "Neoway is dedicated in making improvement in the field that our customers focus on. We also emphasize on the our brand and profile building during operation." Mr. Jin said, "Designing our LOGO again is another milestone for us to build our brand and profile."

"In the new logo, the symbol "y" means that Neoway keeps pursing excellence, innovation, and breakthrough and focuses on the wireless communications field. The Neoway Green color stands for environmental protection, vigor and life, as well as trust and cooperation. Environmental protection is our determination in corporate social responsibility; vigor and life is our hope for the industry; trust and cooperation is our wish for the relationship with partners." Mr. Jin introduced.

The new logo and announcement was highly praised by attendees. "The new logo is so beautiful and this is the most wonderful announcement I have heard." An employee from the Planning Office said.

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