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Neoway OBD N2110 Help Fleet Management Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency
The rapid iteration of technology provides more options for intelligent management in many industries. As the most important part of the logistics industry, fleet management needs to be more intelligent and highly controllable to ensure low cost and high efficiency of cargo transportation.

At present, most companies still have many imperfections in the management and assessment rules of the fleet:

● The phenomenon of company vehicles being misused for private use and the theft of vehicle fuel is widespread.
● Managers cannot grasp the location, trajectory, status and other information of the vehicle in time, so as to perform dispatch management and maintenance of the vehicle.
● At the same time, due to the lack of effective monitoring of the driver's driving behavior, the responsibility for violations or accidents is unclear, so the fleet operating costs cannot be controlled.

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How to manage the fleet more efficiently, reduce the operating cost, and ensure driving safety has become urgent problem for many Internet of Vehicles (IoV) enterprises.

In response to the above-mentioned industry pain points, Neoway launched the IoV terminal product OBD N2110 to help fleet management reduce costs and increase efficiency:

● Provide the precise location, real-time status data and driving trajectory of the vehicle.
● Statistics on the mileage and fuel consumption of vehicles.
● Obtain vehicle fault information.
● Real-time monitoring and alarming the dongle plug in and pull out.
● Provide analysis data of driving behavior (sharp acceleration, sharp deceleration, sharp turn).
● It can be equipped with electronic fences to improve the anti-theft efficiency.

In the future fleet management industry, Neoway's IoV intelligent management system will help managers to finely manage the fleet, make vehicle management more intelligent, fleet management more efficient, and help IoV enterprises enhance their competitiveness.

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