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Leading Innovation: Neoway's Patent Authorizations Witnessed a Year-On-Year Increase of 156% in 2021

According to the latest data, Neoway reported a year-on-year increase of 156% in the number of patent authorizations in 2021. By December 31, 2021, we had submitted more than 200 patent applications and received 64 patent authorizations.

As one of important indicators for measuring the innovation ability, the invention patents are intangible assets of enterprises, and keys for promoting the core competitiveness of enterprises. In recent years, Neoway has adopted a series of measures in staff training, R&D investment, and technological innovation to continuously improve the quality and quantity of patents, and has achieved remarkable outcomes.

After making efforts in the field of IoT wireless communication for 16 years, our company has established R&D centers successively in Xi'an, Dongguan and Shenzhen, with the annual R&D investment accounted for about 10% of the total revenue. Through deep insights into pain points of customers and more than a decade of practices and experience accumulations, Neoway has developed multiple industry-leading star products. For example, there are Neoaccess Cloud that supports one-stop front access, data management and service sharing for IoT applications, and Neopipe Cloud that supports monitoring, control, optimization and automatic management on the quality of IoT communication pipelines. All communication solutions are accessed based on the globally unprecedented cloud-pipe-terminal architecture of Neoway. The invention patents of Neoway involve a variety of fields such as antennas, measurements, algorithms and network adaptations.

In 2021, Neoway continued to improve the R&D quality significantly, and particularly made great breakthroughs to improve the stability, reliability and security and reduce the power consumption in IoT communication.

From operation, maintenance and fault diagnosis in IoT communication, faults of IoT devices are perceived in advance with Bayesian networks and probabilistic algorithms to eliminate hidden troubles, and potential faults of the devices are further analyzed to provide technical supports for cost-effective operation and maintenance of the IoT devices.

From network access, when high-capacity terminals are accessed to the base station, workflow logics are established through broadcast channels and traffic channels to improve the awakening efficiency and reliability of the terminals, thus reducing the power consumption and prolonging the life cycles of the IoT devices.

From data security, the Secure Boot is added to make MCUs and controllers safer in operation, prevent intrusion of illegal programs when industrial devices are running, and improve the operation safety and data security of the devices.

Considering that the patents undergo a complicated process of acceptance, preliminary examination, publication, request for substantive examination, substantive examination and authorization, it is anticipated that Neoway will keep the growth momentum in the number of patent authorizations in future 2-3 years. Neoway will continue its efforts to provide valuable technical innovations and achievements for stable, reliable and secure access communication of the IoT devices.

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