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Neoway Showcases Its Innovative IoT Systems at "Digital Twin Pioneer City Innovation” Conference, Aiming to Empower Urban Governance

On Nov. 14, 2023, the "Digital Twin Pioneer City Innovation Conference", focusing on "IoT Perception Empowers Urban Development”, was held in Longhua District, Shenzhen. The seminar gathered numerous industry experts and scholars to discuss the current applications and future potential of digital twin and IoT perception technologies in urban development. This discussion aimed to further explore the direction for digital twin pioneer city construction and create "future cities" with more scientific decision-making, refined management, and improved information flow.

The "Shenzhen Digital Twin Pioneer City Construction Action Plan (2023)” proposes to build Shenzhen into a digital twin pioneer city with “integration of data and reality, co-growth, real-time interaction and second-level response”. Longhua, seizing the digitalization opportunities, has proactively embraced this trend and widely applied digital technologies to accelerate the city's digital transformation. This is in line with the municipal government's strategy to build a top-tier smart city. The concept of "Digital Longhua," proposed in 2020, focuses on using digital technology to enhance city management's precision and intelligence, setting a new standard for future cities.

Neoway Technology, a leading local IoT enterprise in Longhua, attended the conference and gave a keynote speech titled "Innovating IoT Perception Systems for Refined Urban Governance." The presentation shared Neoway's expertise and experiences in developing city IoT perception systems, showcasing its innovative urban governance IoT solutions that enhance urban construction and governance.

Luo Wei, Vice President of Neoway Technology, discussed the critical importance of IoT perception systems in the development of new smart cities. He outlined several challenges facing the sector, such as the necessity for infrastructure planning and building, the need for unified construction and integration of perception endpoints, the lack of standardization in IoT systems, security concerns, and the absence of uniform management practices.

Neoway Technology has set forth a plan to develop a collaborative and shared urban governance IoT system. The objective is to construct a citywide unified IoT capability support matrix, focusing on a comprehensive strategy that incorporates both city and district/county level coordination. This approach involves the consolidation of the city's diverse, independent, and fragmented IoT perception resources, enabling the full aggregation of citywide perception data. This initiative is aimed at facilitating various departments in quickly developing scenario-specific applications, thereby enhancing overall governance capabilities and management efficiency. The ultimate goal is to create a citywide perception landscape, depicted as "one map", fostering a shared urban governance IoT ecosystem.

Neoway Technology's innovative IoT perception system lifecycle management model is designed to help city managers establish a unified standard and system for IoT perception. This model includes integrating perception devices and resources into a single network, offering a comprehensive approach. The aim is to present a complete overview of perception data, alarm events, and application scenarios, thereby streamlining the "building, managing, operating, and using" of IoT resources throughout the city.

The company's pioneering Smart City IoT Operations Management Services Platform "Neoway Kaiwu" specializes in crucial areas of urban public safety governance, including gas safety monitoring, dilapidated buildings and slope monitoring, urban waterlogging early warning, fire monitoring, and bridge health monitoring. It also addresses ecological environment governance, covering comprehensive air environment regulation, water environment regulation, solid waste management, construction site dust monitoring, and key pollution source management. This platform has been effectively implemented in a variety of urban governance scenarios across cities such as Changsha, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Chongqing, establishing itself as a model in the urban governance IoT system sector.

Shenzhen is currently on a fast track to establish itself as a domestic leader and a world-class smart city and digital government. In this endeavor, Neoway Technology is dedicated to consistently offering innovative construction concepts, advanced solutions, and superior product services. This commitment is aimed at enhancing the intelligence, precision, and efficiency of urban governance not just in Shenzhen but across China. Neoway's efforts are focused on supporting the comprehensive development of new smart cities.

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