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Contributing to the 'Smart City Unified Management Network Operations White Paper': Leading the Drafting of the Perception Platform Content

Recently, the National Standardization Committee's Smart City Standards Working Group, in collaboration with Huawei, initiated the development of the “White Paper on the Operation of 'Unified Management' in Smart Cities" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper"). The kickoff meeting saw participation from over 60 experts representing more than 40 entities, including the Electronic Standards Institute, Inspur New Infrastructure, Hikvision, and China Electronics Cloud.

Neoway Technology, recognized for its pioneering smart city IoT operations management services platform and successful experience in empowering city governance through urban IoT system construction, will play a pivotal role in the White Paper's compilation. The company is set to lead the drafting of the "Perception Platform" section.

The unified management network perception platform, designed as a city-level IoT perception platform, includes a four-tier perception domain system spanning provinces, cities, districts/counties, and streets. This platform stands out from traditional industry-level IoT access management platforms by providing high-efficiency perception capabilities. It supports efficient task handling, facilitates sharing and reuse of perception resources across various administrative levels, and promotes the high-quality development of the urban IoT perception industry chain.

The IoT perception platform, an essential component of unified network management, realizes its full potential through effective operations. Its operation focuses on supporting new smart city construction, taking into account the unique urban contexts. This includes developing IoT perception standards, nurturing ecosystems, and enhancing service value. It aims to foster a sustainable growth of the regional IoT industry ecosystem and offers service operation support for the unified construction, integration, and citywide IoT services in new smart cities.

"Unified network management" operations, a key focus in the "Digital China" initiative, aim to maximize the value of digital technologies and improve urban governance efficiency. As the lead organization for the perception platform section of the White Paper, Neoway Technology will collaborate with top experts in the group. Their objective is to further explore the future development directions and strategies of "unified network management" operations in urban governance, striving to enhance the operational efficiency of urban governance and better empower the development of smart city operational support capabilities in various regions.

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