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Neoway's Dust Monitoring System Speeds up Intelligent Transformation of Environmental Protection

As urban intelligence processes accelerate, dust pollution from road and pipeline construction, material transportation, stacking, and the planting and maintenance of vegetation has become a significant urban environmental governance challenge. In response, more cities are adopting dust monitoring systems to tackle dust pollution at its source, utilizing big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and AI technologies to enhance environmental governance capabilities.

The dust monitoring system includes dust monitors, a cloud platform for dust data, and 4G voice alarm devices. It uses modern scientific methods to quantify and evaluate dust emissions objectively, scientifically, and accurately. This system is the preferred choice for monitoring dust emission concentrations at construction sites and large industrial and mining enterprises. It also serves as a crucial reference for environmental protection, construction, and municipal departments in assessing the control of airborne particulate matter emissions at their source.

Neoway Technology has introduced a dust monitoring system focused on intelligent urban environmental governance. The system is operational in Xingping City, Shaanxi Province, covering various dust pollution source monitoring scenarios, including construction sites, factories, and waste disposal stations. The Neoway dust monitoring system effectively gathers and analyzes a range of environmental data, such as PM2.5/PM10/TSP, noise, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind force, direction, and atmospheric pressure. The data is uploaded in real-time to the dust cloud platform, allowing users to remotely view monitoring data and manage devices. This provides substantial, objective, and detailed data for effective decision-making. Additionally, the system can predict and warn of trends in online monitoring data, issue over-limit alarms, and process data intelligently.

The Neoway dust monitoring cloud platform enables users to view multiple monitoring locations simultaneously. Problematic device coordinates change color quickly and automatically trigger an alarm box, facilitating faster detection of alarms and offline devices. It also supports multiple sub-account logins, allowing several individuals to simultaneously monitor a single account, which is more in line with monitoring work procedures. Users can access environmental data from various monitoring locations anytime, anywhere, using the dust monitoring mobile app.

The system can be configured through a mobile app, allowing modifications of target addresses and ports, LED screen headers, display elements, dust cannon activation values, and device-embedded IoT card numbers. All system devices are designed to be integrated, with earthquake and lightning protection, and adapt to a wide range of temperature variations, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data monitoring. The system also features a linkage function that automatically activates sound and light alarms and on-site dust reduction devices when monitoring elements exceed set limits, thus enabling automatic dust reduction and preventing pollution from exceeding standards.

Neoway Technology's dust monitoring system has provided Xingping City with a stable and reliable solution for intelligent environmental protection construction. The system has also been jointly promoted and built with environmental protection departments in multiple provinces and cities, aiding more cities in their pursuit of intelligent IoT applications, intelligent environmental protection, and efficient urban governance.

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