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Neoway Technology: Innovating IoT Solutions for New Urban Governance

The "Smart City Expo World Congress-Changsha Stage” was held in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center (Mango Hall) from October 31 to November 2. initiated by the Barcelona City Council in 2011, The Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) has grown with the support of international organizations, including UN-Habitat, the World Economic Forum, and the World Bank. It has been held for 12 consecutive sessions and is currently the world's biggest and most influential event on urban innovation.

Neoway Technology attended the conference, showcasing their Smart City IoT Operations Management Services Platform and urban public safety governance and ecological environment governance solutions. Their keynote speech, "Innovating IoT Perception Systems to Empower Refined Urban Governance" highlighted their pivotal role in reshaping urban landscape through cutting-edge IoT solutions that improve urban governance capabilities and empower new urban construction.

In recent years, Changsha has been at the forefront of digital transformation in urban development, accelerating the construction of a "new smart city model". By embracing digital and intelligent technologies, the city has pioneered innovative concepts and models in urban governance, positioning itself as a leading city in the burgeoning digital economy. Neoway Technology has actively responded to the national digital economy development strategy, considering urban governance IoT as an important business direction. It has established Hunan Neoway IoT Technology Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Neoway Technology) in Changsha, providing new ideas, approaches, and methods to help create a smarter urban future.

China’s "14th Five-Year Plan" identifies IoT as one of the seven key industries in the digital economy. The IoT perception system is considered an important support for the construction of new smart cities. However, the current phase of smart city construction still faces issues such as overall planning, integrated construction, standard norms, and the security system due to the diversity of IoT technology routes, application scenarios, investment entities, and other characteristics.

General Manager of Hunan Neoway, Tang Kefu, in his keynote speech, stated that Neoway Technology aims to overcome these challenges by unifying the myriad IoT perception resources into a city-wide matrix. This unified approach aims to facilitate seamless data convergence, aiding swift development of application scenarios by various departments, thereby improving their governance and management standards. The objective is to achieve a city-wide perceptual overview "on one map," outlining the IoT system's construction for the city. This approach will encourage sharing of IoT perception data across departments, levels, regions, operations, and systems, creating an all-encompassing, all-time urban perception system for multi-dimensional, multi-level precision monitoring of the city's functional state. This enables informed development and targeted modifications of the urban infrastructure, building a shared urban governance IoT system.

Tang Kefu also proposed that Neoway's innovative lifecycle management model for perception resources -- ‘building, managing, operating, and using’ --would standardize and integrate perception systems. This includes unified connectivity and management of perception devices, a single network for monitoring perception resources, and a comprehensive display of perception data, alarm events, and application scenarios in one diagram, thus establishing a smart urban IoT perception system.

In the field of urban governance, Neoway Technology has launched its Smart City IoT Operations Management Services Platform "Neoway KaiWu" covering key sectors of urban public safety governance – such as gas safety monitoring, monitoring of dilapidated and slope, urban inland inundation monitoring and early warning, fire monitoring, and bridge health monitoring. It also extends to ecological and environment governance, including the comprehensive management of air and water quality, solid waste, construction site dust levels, and meticulous control of major pollution sources.

Based on these functions, the platform can comprehensively empower the deployment and construction of key urban scene applications:

  • Life-line systems deployment and construction

It uses the city-level IoT management platform to achieve unified connectivity and convergence of perception data from various business systems, effectively avoiding redundant construction. Relying on the platform's support capabilities, it achieves standardized perception data access, regulated data governance, and integrated scenario-based data fusion, supporting the efficient development of life-line business systems.

  • Urban inland inundation forecast and early warning

By utilizing the support capabilities of the city-wide unified IoT platform and combining professional analysis models, it deeply integrates diverse perception data such as waterlogging depth at flood-prone points, real-time monitoring data of urban rivers and pipelines, as well as meteorological data like rainfall and radar. Leveraging video monitoring points, it achieves real-time perception of risks throughout the city, overcoming past barriers to data convergence and integration, and issues with the timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of data sharing. During the "Du Su Rui" typhoon this year, the platform managed to integrate and access over 1 million perception data points from various sensors. It linked information from over 10 units including the Water Resources Bureau, Meteorological Bureau, and Hydrological Center, and generated over 2,000 real-time data pushes for early warning and collaborative scheduling. This significantly improved the efficiency of flood control and command decision-making processes.

Neoway Technology's IoT solutions and models for urban governance have been implemented and proven in the market, being adopted in urban management scenarios in cities such as Changsha, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Chongqing. They have shown a positive demonstrative impact on promoting new urban construction.

Looking ahead, Neoway Technology is poised to further tailor IoT solutions to regional needs, granting cities enhanced capabilities for "self-perception", "self-judgment", and "self-adjustment", thus fostering the growth of the IoT industry.

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