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Neoway Technology Unveils its Cloud-Pipe-Device Solution at the 2023 China Water Expo: Empowering Reliable and Secure Water IoT

From October 26th to 27th, the 17th International Conference on China Urban Water Development and Expo of New Technologies and Facilities, popularly known as the “Water Expo”, was held in Zhuhai, China. The forum served as an authoritative platform for discussing crucial challenges and advancements in China's urban water and comprehensive water environment management. Neoway Technology showcased its Cloud-Pipe-Device communication access solution at the Water Expo. With innovative product strategies, expert technical support, and efficient service capabilities, it aims to build a reliable and secure water IoT network.

A Confluence of Expertise and Innovation

This year's Expo brought together over 300 experts, focusing on the theme "Promoting Coordinated Governance of Water Resources, Water Ecology, and Water Environment." It coincides with China's increased focus on developing a national water network, as stipulated by the State Council’s guidelines issued in May 2023. By 2035, the plan is to have a well-integrated water network at provincial, municipal, and county levels, aimed at achieving a robust national water security system.

Addressing Industry Pain Points with Cloud-Pipe-Device Solutions

Despite its maturity, the water industry still grapples with challenges like unstable water network data transmission, unexpected equipment disconnections, delayed public incident notifications, inadequate urban flood warnings, environmental challenges for smart meters, high demands on device power consumption, reduced device lifespan, remote water services data security concerns.

To address these industry pain points, Neoway Technology introduced a Cloud-Pipe-Device communication solution tailored for water management, which helps water companies improve meter reading success rates, reduce meter power consumption, ensure secure communication for meter reading, improve system operational efficiency, and cut maintenance costs.

Security and Power Saving

Neoway Technology introduced several NB-IoT modules, N21-EA and N316, with hardware encryption to enhance communication security in water IoT applications. Additionally, it released an LTE Cat.1 hardware security module, N58A-CN, to expand the applicability to other IoT requirements beyond water management. The company also unveiled an NB-IoT + BLE module, N306-CN, effectively reducing power consumption.

NB-IoT/ LTE Cat.1 + Security Modules

N21-EA is specifically engineered to support TEE security and iSIM. This makes it a highly reliable choice for establishing secure connections in overseas smart water management application terminal devices. With these features, the N21-EA module provides an added layer of security, thus enhancing the integrity and safety of data transmission in international water service environments.

N316 comes with hardware encryption functionalities, complying with R14 standards. This module has already found broad applications in water IoT terminal devices within China. The incorporation of hardware encryption ensures a secure data transmission pathway, which is paramount in applications that require sensitive or confidential data exchanges, such as water quality monitoring.

N58A-CN, Neoway’s first LTE Cat.1 hardware security module, was launched this year. It is designed according to the national cryptographic level 2 security standard. With capability to securely manage, process, and store encryption keys in tamper-proof devices, this module is not only suitable for the smart water industry but also has high replicability and industry promotion value. It can offer comprehensive protection for data exchange, identity verification, and applications for diverse IoT solutions requiring high connectivity, low power consumption, and stringent security.

NB-IoT + BLE Modules

N306-CN, which utilizes the latest generation NB-IoT chipset, is a highly integrated, high-performance, highly secure, and low-power ultra-compact module, measuring only 17.7 mm x 15.8 mm x 2.4 mm. This helps clients in reducing product dimensions and cutting costs. In the BLE low-power broadcast mode, it ensures that NB-IoT remains in PSM while simultaneously responding to BLE external data, ensuring BLE's constant availability. With its high integration, heightened security, and reduced power consumption, N306-CN offers superior options for mature NB-IoT applications like smart gas, smart water management, smart fire control, and smart agriculture.

Cellular Modules + Neopipe Cloud Integrated Solutions for Operational Efficiency

Neoway modules, combining with Neoway’s Neopipe Cloud platform (brand name: Neoway Guanzhi), which aims at IoT communication quality monitoring, diagnostic, and operation, can enhance the communication quality in water IoT, contributing to increased operational efficiency and cost reductions. The platform provides real-time device management and data monitoring, thereby enabling precise diagnostics and treatment recommendations for issues like unexpected disconnections in water network monitoring equipment.

  • The network environment of water network monitoring equipment is visually displayed through precise location, enabling the positioning and correlation analysis of wireless IoT network issues in the equipment's working environment.
  • For various types of water network monitoring equipment, issues like unexpected disconnections can be swiftly diagnosed remotely, with treatment recommendations provided, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • For various types of water network monitoring equipment, issues like unexpected disconnections can be swiftly diagnosed remotely, with treatment recommendations provided, enhancing operational efficiency.

Neoway Technology's first-of-its-kind Neoaccess Cloud (brand name Neoway Kaiwu) provides a one-stop solution for device access, security protection, and device control for smart water systems.

  • Using IoT access services, ensure efficient, reliable, secure, and unified IoT device connectivity and data transfer.
  • Using IoT security services, deliver trustworthy security measures, safeguarding both device and system data while ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • Using IoT control and management services, facilitate instantaneous device oversight and data surveillance, accomplishing a comprehensive systematic awareness.

Currently, Neoway Technology's Cloud-Pipe-Device communication solutions have been applied in various fields like flood control and rainfall monitoring in multiple cities, including Jinan and Xi'an, enhancing the online rate of water services equipment, reducing losses in life and property, and empowering urban public safety governance.

For 17 years, Neoway Technology has supplied global customers with hundreds of wireless communication modules, spanning 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and NB-IoT, across various sectors. Modules like LTE Cat.1 and NB-IoT have been instrumental in the smart metering field, ensuring stable and reliable connections for remote data transmission, improving meter reading success rates, and saving power consumption. Committed to provide world-leading and reliable IoT connectivity solutions to empower humanity towards a more eco-friendly, efficient, and convenient future, Neoway Technology remains at the forefront of delivering unrivaled IoT communication solutions worldwide.

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