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Neoway Technology Pioneers Global Power IoT Evolution Through Value Innovation

From October 9 to 10, the 47th International Seminar and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Standards, and Products 2023, colloquially known as the "Power Exhibition" was held in Xi'an. This assembly, which acts like a bridge connecting academia, industry, research, and practical application, stands as a professional platform for the interactive communications within the power industry. It is designed to display new products and technologies as well as foster exchanges of innovative ideas.

Since 2009, Neoway Technology has been an unparalleled force in China's power IoT digital transformation, consistently delivering reliable communication products. At this year's Power Exhibition, the company further solidified its industry dominance by unveiling its leading and reliable communication solutions designed specifically for power systems. These solutions encompassed a comprehensive range of wireless communication products that met new standards, aiming to enhance power applications in terms of reduced energy consumption, more stable communication, faster speeds, and superior quality.

From 2G to 5G, Neoway Technology has developed and launched a variety of multi-mode wireless communication products. These products have been reliably installed in numerous countries and regions around the world, catering to an extensive range of IoT devices. This includes smart meters, concentrators, energy controllers, convergence terminals, power gateways, power inspection drones and robots, FTU, and DTU. Currently, Neoway Technology's module products tally up to more than 40 million units operational within China's power grid, boasting a consistent online rate surpassing 99.6%. The company's commitment to excellence has secured its top market share in China's power IoT for 14 consecutive years, while also has reached the top place in India's power IoT market.

Providing World-Leading, Reliable Connectivity Solutions for Power IoT

With the accelerated progress of smart grid construction nationwide, Neoway Technology continues to introduce a range of module products to meet customer needs, providing leading and reliable access communication for IoT devices in power industry.

  • High-Capacity Memory + Dual Antenna LTE Cat.4 Module N720V5-CN

Designed to greatly enhance signal sensitivity, the N720V5-CN module ensures exceptional meter reading stability in low-signal environments. Additionally, it supports FOTA upgrades and comes equipped with sufficient storage space. This ensures that there are sufficient resources available for future functionality iterations. The N720V5-CN modules have been extensively implemented in smart power terminals across Fujian Province, enhancing the precision of power data transmission and streamlining the process for remote updates.

  • Dual-SIM Dual-Standby LTE Cat.1 Module N706-CB

Equipped with an advanced network detection algorithm, the N706-CB module guarantees uninterrupted communication by dynamically selecting the best network from two different carriers. The modules have been extensively deployed in IoT devices of the power system in Jilin Province, ensuring stable and reliable power communication.

Neoway Technology has grown alongside the development of China's smart grid. As far back as 2009, Neoway's first pioneering industrial-grade digital transmission module, M590E, quickly captured a significant portion of the domestic power market. Come 2015, the industry's first Soc 4G full netcom industrial-grade module, N710, swiftly dominated China's power market. Fast forward to 2021, domestically produced 5G modules N512 and N513 took the lead in applications like concentrators, energy controllers, convergence terminals, and power gateways, accelerating 5G's integration into power IoT. By 2023, the newly unveiled LTE Cat.4 dual-purpose (public-private) module, N729, was incorporated into systems for power consumption information collection and distribution network automation, addressing issues like network congestion and poor communications.

Leading New Technologies and Trends in Power IoT

As the integration of 5G technology and smart grid intensifies, Neoway Technology's 5G modules has gained widespread recognition from customers. Neoway Technology's N511, N512, N513, and other 5G wireless communication modules are ideally suited for IoT devices across all segments of the power system, including power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption. They offer stable, reliable, and secure access communication for the "source-grid-load-storage" system, playing a pivotal role in the development of a modern power system and further enhancing the level of grid intelligence.

Currently, several of Neoway Technology's 5G modules have been extensively deployed in IoT devices such as concentrators, energy controllers, integrated terminals, and power gateways for both the State Grid and Southern Grid, contributing to the accelerated realization of 5G's value in smart grid applications.

In collaboration with Neopipe Cloud, (brand name: Neoway Guanzhi), Neoway extends a suite of services including network monitoring, fault diagnosis, high availability, IoT device management, and traffic management, ensuring both communication quality monitoring and operation and maintenance management. This provides dual assurance in terms of hardware and software for the communication upgrades of power terminal products.

Having devoted 17 years in IoT communication, Neoway Technology's products and solutions have provided stable and reliable connectivity services for hundreds of millions of IoT devices in over 40 countries and regions worldwide. Committed to high-standard R&D and high-quality service support, Neoway Technology remains poised to empower the construction of new power systems globally.

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