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Wide Voltage, Low Power Consumption LTE Cat.1 New Product Launch, Leading the Transition from NB-IoT to LTE Cat.1

The evolution toward intelligent water and gas metering systems is prompting a need for enhanced precision in data measurement, reliable transmission, remote monitoring capabilities, and energy-efficient operations. Traditional NB-IoT technology, despite its widespread use, faces challenges like insufficient base station density, inadequate coverage in rural and remote regions, low transmission speeds, and significant delays, which affect the stability and reliability of data gathering and transmission. In response, the adoption of LTE Cat.1 technology has emerged as an effective solution to these issues. Its benefits include a greater number of base stations, expansive network coverage, improved transmission speeds, reduced latency, and higher initial data transmission success rates. Consequently, LTE Cat.1 technology is gaining prominence in areas such as smart water management, smart gas systems, and intelligent fire protection.

Neoway Technology has previously developed a series of LTE Cat.1 modules known for their stable connectivity and superior performance, finding applications across smart energy, V2X, financial transactions, industrial monitoring, and public network intercoms. Building on this, Neoway Technology recently introduced the N701A, a low-power, wide-voltage LTE Cat.1 industrial-grade IoT module, tailored for smart water and gas management and intelligent fire protection sectors. With dimensions of 15.8 mm x 17.7 mm x 2.4 mm, it satisfies the unique requirements for reliable communication and ultra-low power use in smart meters and alarms, making it an ideal choice for sectors transitioning from NB-IoT to LTE Cat.1 technology.

  • Wide Voltage Support: Operates within a 2.3 V-4.3 V range, making it compatible with Lithium Manganese or Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries, thereby ensuring long battery life, easy monitoring, and high safety.
  • Low Power Consumption: At PSM ≤4 uA, it offers over 30% lower total power consumption than other LTE Cat.1 modules, significantly enhancing battery longevity.
  • Compatibility with NB-IoT Modules: Ensures hardware package compatibility, requiring minimal adjustments to customer PCBs for power supply capability, alongside software command compatibility for rapid, customer-specific adaptations, facilitating quicker market entry for products.

As LTE Cat.1 modules continue to capture a growing share of the cellular IoT market, Neoway Technology is committed to driving innovation. We plan to launch a wider array of advanced and dependable LTE Cat.1 wireless communication products and solutions, providing customers with more varied choices and collaboratively advancing more efficient and accessible IoT applications.

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