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Neoway Technology: 5G + Neopipe Cloud Build a Solid Foundation for New Power Systems

From April 9 to 10, the 48th China Electrical Instrument Industry Development Technology Seminar and Exhibition, was held in Hangzhou. Centered on industry development strategies and market demands, focusing on new product applications and technology, the Expo has utilized over two decades of successful operational experience. It facilitates connections between the upstream and downstream sectors of the electrical instrument industry, making it one of the most significant and influential exhibitions in the sector.

Neoway Technology, a pioneer in the electric power IoT industry, has held the top market share in this industry for 15 consecutive years since the start of China's smart grid. Its module products are implemented across more than 50 million units within the Chinese grid, maintaining a stable online rate of over 99.6%. Globally, the company consistently leads in India's power IoT market, demonstrating its global presence. At the Expo, Neoway Technology showcased its innovative "modules + Neopipe Cloud" product combination, demonstrating technological innovation and practical experience to support the construction of new power systems.

Leading 5G Applications to Aid in Building New Power Systems

The smart grid is currently undergoing rapid development, with an expanding market size. As global demand for clean energy increases, the construction of new power systems is set to enhance the large-scale and efficient use of renewable energy. This allows for the collaborative operation of the grid with distributed energy sources and storage devices, improving energy efficiency and reducing both energy consumption and carbon emissions.

5G technology is revolutionizing the electric power sector, providing essential support for the operation and management of smart grids. 5G RedCap, in particular, inherits the high reliability, low latency, slicing, and positioning features of 5G NR and offers additional benefits such as lower power consumption, smaller size, and reduced costs. These attributes are well-suited to meet the electric power industry's needs for coordinated "source-grid-load-storage" interactions. Neoway Technology's 5G RedCap N512A series modules meet the diverse communication and networking requirements of various 5G development stages, empowering smart power terminal applications with:

  • Dual-mode adaptability, fully compatible with both 5G RedCap and LTE networks.
  • 1T2R dual antenna design, which reduces terminal costs.
  • Support for 5G-specific features like 5G LAN, network slicing, high precision timing, and CAG.
  • Support for UE energy-saving technologies such as C-DRX, which reduce overall terminal energy consumption.
  • Voice calling capabilities including VoNR/VoLTE.

Enhancing Smart Grid Communications with Neopipe Cloud

As efforts to build new power systems intensify, stable and reliable communication quality has become a critical aspect of power grid data transmission. The combination of Neoway modules and Neopipe Cloud (brand name: Neoway Guanzhi) offered a more comprehensive solution for stable and reliable smart grid operations at the Expo. Integrated with Neoway's 4G/5G modules, the Neopipe Cloud enhances communication quality and reduces maintenance costs in scenarios like bulk electricity procurement network monitoring and new energy inverter monitoring:

  • Bulk Electricity Procurement Network Monitoring: Addresses issues of metering terminals frequently going offline, which results in low online rates and unresponsive data calls from the main station, especially in remote areas with high maintenance costs. Neoway Technology's multi-card modules enable smart network switching during connectivity issues, ensuring real-time online status, visualizing network conditions, efficiently monitoring network quality, and significantly enhancing communication reliability while reducing on-site operational costs.
  • New Energy Inverter Monitoring: Tackles problems such as terminal devices disconnecting without cause and low success rates of power data collection. Maintenance personnel can remotely and efficiently diagnose communication faults using Neoway modules combined with Neopipe Cloud, which visually displays network coverage, interference, and congestion issues around photovoltaic power equipment.

Guided by technological innovation and supported by highly reliable products and services, Neoway Technology continues to drive the development of new power systems and promote green, low-carbon growth.

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