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Neoway at Embedded World 2024, Leading in IoT Technology Innovation

From April 9-11, 2024, the embedded world Exhibition & Conference, an important global exhibition for embedded systems, took place at the Nuremberg International Exhibition Center in Germany. As a significant event in the field, embedded world serves as a barometer for innovation and industry development in global embedded technology.

Neoway Technology once again showcased its globally leading and reliable cloud-pipe-device communication solutions at embedded world 2024. Additionally, the company's heavily invested virtual MCU product, AletaTM, makes its debut on the international stage and has been shortlisted for the embedded award 2024 Innovation Software category. This nomination marks a new milestone in Neoway Technology's product innovation and brand internationalization journey.

Cloud-Pipe-Device: Continuously and Efficiently Empowering IoT Applications

Neoway Technology's wireless communication module products have provided stable and reliable connectivity services to over a hundred million IoT devices across more than 40 countries and regions worldwide, earning global customer satisfaction. At this year's embedded world, Neoway Technology showcased its star products: the industry's smallest LTE Cat.1 module N706, the first LTE Cat.1 bis module N58, and the compact NB-IoT module N21 with built-in eSIM. These products provide leading, reliable connectivity for IoT terminal devices in Europe and globally, empowering applications across smart energy, financial payments, and connected vehicles.

  • The industry's smallest LTE Cat.1 module, N706, measures only 17.7 mm × 15.8 mm × 2.3 mm, making it ideal for "small yet sophisticated" terminals where compact size is crucial. It also supports OpenCPU, eliminating the need for MCU hardware and thereby reducing overall costs. . This technology has been implemented in various industry scenarios including IPCs, trackers, electric two-wheelers, smart bracelets, cloud speakers, and shared charging treasure.
  • The industry's first LTE Cat.1 bis module, N58, features low power consumption, an ultra-wide operating temperature range, outstanding RF performance, a comprehensive set of network protocols, industry-standard interfaces, and superior performance. It has been deployed in IoT terminal applications such as energy metering, in-vehicle payment terminals, shared/payment products, and device management across regions including Asia and Europe.
  • The compact NB-IoT module N21-EA, which can incorporate an operator's embedded SIM (eSIM), measures only 18.0 mm x 13.8 mm x 2.5 mm. This design maximizes the ability to meet the demands of terminal devices for small-sized module products. Equipped with GCF certification, the N21-EA module meets the specific requirements of various operators. Terminal products that incorporate the N21-EA can facilitate the rapid implementation of IoT applications such as energy metering, smart locks, security, and environmental monitoring across the Eurasian region and globally.

Neopipe Cloud, a pioneering IoT platform, specializes in wireless communication quality monitoring, fault diagnosis, and operations and maintenance management. Offering five key capabilities — deep insights into IoT networks and devices, high availability management, operational and maintenance management, along with advanced traffic control — it delivers an accurate and complete solution for managing IoT communication quality. Designed to tackle challenges in various sectors including smart energy, intelligent transportation, logistics, industrial IoT, and mobile payments, Neopipe Cloud efficiently resolves issues related to network congestion, device disconnections, connectivity problems, and maintenance complexities. Cutting-edge "Module + Neopipe Cloud" Product Combination, Enhancing Communication Quality with Reliable IoT Connectivity

Neoaccess Cloud serves as a one-stop platform for IoT applications that provides front-end access, data governance, and service management capabilities. It can be applied in various IoT industry applications such as industrial automation, agriculture and environmental monitoring, and smart campuses, both domestically and internationally. This platform enables connectivity between the physical and digital worlds through functions such as device access and management, data collection and processing, data analysis and visualization, and application development and integration. It facilitates data integration across different scenarios, helping enterprises and individuals to manage and utilize data resources more efficiently, and driving the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of various industries.

ODM: Providing One-stop Services with Professional Capabilities

As IoT applications become more diverse, differentiated, and fragmented, Neoway Technology not only provides standardized products but also offers customized IoT solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Leveraging its professional and independent design and development capabilities, a comprehensive supply chain, stable and reliable delivery capacity, and efficient services, Neoway Technology can enhance the competitiveness of customer products globally by developing personalized solutions that address unique requirements.

Neoway Technology has over nine years of experience in providing ODM services for terminal products. The company has supplied over 5 million ODM products globally, covering a wide range of product categories such as vehicle communication terminals, emergency vehicle lights, MBB products, smart gateways, cloud speakers, and various PCBA solutions. This extensive portfolio demonstrates Neoway Technology's capability to meet diverse market needs and its strong presence in the global supply chain. As an ODM service provider, Neoway Technology offers comprehensive ODM and support services for globally recognized automotive electronics brands and telecommunications operators. The company provides a series of connected vehicle terminal products, including OBD, TCU, Dashcams, and Trackers. These products have successfully passed testing and certification by major entities such as AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as automotive manufacturers like Audi, Nissan, FCA, and Skoda. They have been implemented on a large scale across various vehicle models, highlighting Neoway Technology's strong capabilities in delivering industry-approved, reliable solutions.

AletaTM: Virtual MCU, Assisting Clients in Developing Products "Faster, Better, and More Cost-effective"

The virtual MCU AletaTM, nominated for the Innovation Software Award at embedded world 2024, represents a breakthrough product introduced by Neoway Technology at the end of 2023. Running on communication modules, this OpenCPU product represents a disruptive technological innovation. It effectively addresses challenges such as high learning costs and high maintenance costs associated with using OpenCPU, while preventing lock-in by specific vendors. AletaTM aids customers in developing products that are faster, better, and more cost-effective by eliminating the need for separate R&D and MCU costs, enhancing development efficiency to accelerate product market entry, reducing software fragmentation, and allowing more resources to be allocated across a broader product range.

  • Revolutionary: For the first time in its application of virtual machine/Hypervisor technology to lightweight/thin IoT terminals, AletaTM creates a user interface on the communication module that closely resembles that of traditional MCUs.
  • Originality: Neoway Technology has developed a complete, proprietary Integrated Development Environment (IDE) toolchain that supports offline development and simulation, significantly enhancing the development and testing efficiency of IoT products.
  • Inheritability: Catering to customers' existing embedded development experience and knowledge, Aleta’s virtual MCU architecture is identical to that of traditional MCUs. This not only provides a seamless transition for developers familiar with conventional MCU architectures but also allows for the quick porting and adaptation of existing MCU-based software without the need to learn new development languages or environments.

Smart Emergency Vehicle Lights: Globally Leading, Enhancing Driving Safety for Car Owners Worldwide

Neoway Technology has pioneered the intelligent emergency vehicle light, a product designed to solve critical safety issues faced by drivers. In situations such as accidents or breakdowns on highways, drivers may hesitate to set up a warning triangle due to safety concerns or may be unable to accurately communicate their location for emergency services. The intelligent emergency vehicle light, which can be activated and placed on top of the vehicle, emits a flashing bright light to alert other drivers, enhancing road safety and preventing secondary accidents. Additionally, when the SOS button is pressed, the device can send the accident location and distress messages to relevant authorities, insurance companies, rescue organizations, and family members through a connected mobile app, further aiding in timely and effective emergency responses. This innovative product is now being shipped in large volumes to European countries and is gradually gaining popularity in China and globally, reflecting Neoway Technology's commitment to enhancing automotive safety and emergency response capabilities.

As it continues to follow the global trend of IoT technology and application development, Neoway Technology remains dedicated to providing more stable products and solutions, as well as enhanced services to its global customers. By fostering innovation in IoT technology applications and empowering the construction and development of the global IoT ecosystem, Neoway Technology is helping to make human society more environmentally friendly, efficient, and convenient.

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