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5G and machine vision empower intelligent manufacturing

5G has such features as high data rate, low latency and large connection. The most intuitive feeling for original customers is that they download movies and play internet games faster, etc. But the improvement of transmission speed is only one aspect of 5G, which will enable many industries, and its massive application scenarios are more worthy of exploration and expectation. 

With the use of 5G, industrial production will face a huge change. Recently, we will carry out a series of interpretations on the industrial application scenarios and solutions of 5G, such as product quality inspection in the factory Product logistics distribution and tracking outside the factory and product life cycle management, etc.

5G and machine vision empower quality inspection, avoiding false detection and omission.

Machine vision is a new branch of artificial intelligence. Simply, it is to replace human eyes with machines for measurement, detection and control.

Today, product quality is the life of enterprise. We can collect and upload images and videos to the could by using industrial cameras and patrol robots on the production line, intelligently monitoring and analyzing production processes with 5G and machine vision technology, and get a real-time report. It includes the number and location of unqualified products, which can help us to adjust production line in time and decrease faulty rate.

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For the subtle parts that are difficult to be distinguished by the naked eye, we can obtain a better lighting environment by customizing the special light source. Meanwhile, combining with 5G and machine vision technology, we can process video image, realize automatic judgment and labelling, eliminate the human errors in detection, and transform the product quality inspection from "artificial" to "artificial intelligence".

In addition, more aspects in industrial production can be optimized with the help of 5G, such as optimizing production line design by using big data and AI technology to analyze production demand, and enable to warn early and troubleshoot problems by 5G intelligent monitoring and patrol robots.

Neoway 5G products are promoting the development of IoT applications.

The process of industrial manufacturing requires high reliability and stability for wireless communication connection, so the wireless communication module in terminal equipment is very important. In early 2020, Neoway launched 5G module N510 with high product integration and convenient for development, which greatly lowered the threshold for customers to develop 5G products.

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Neoway N510 is the world's first 5G wireless communication module based on Unisoc platform. It has M.2 and LGA packages and apply to many terminal products.

  • Support all key regions and major frequency bands
  • Support NA and NSA modes
  • Backward-compatible with 3G and 4G networks
  • Industrial-grade quality and rich communication interfaces
  • Develop easily and reduce development costs for customers

Neoway constantly innovate and empower IoT industries.

With the gradual freezing of the 3GPP protocol version and the development of 5G application, Neoway timely launched 5G products with domestic chip that has industrial-grade quality and domestic bottom design, which pave the way for subsequent production and development and provide a guarantee for customer's use.

In electricity industry, Neoway with traditional advantages is promoting the application of 5G in electricity gateways, power differential protection devices power communication terminals and other devices, improving customer experience and industry values. In intelligent manufacturing industry with broad prospects, Neoway is working with customers to develop, contributing 5G technology to further use in commerce. Meanwhile, in mMTC and uRLLC scenarios, Neoway will also constantly innovate in 5G products and solutions, and provide more stable and reliable wireless communication products and services for IoT users in autonomous driving and telemedicine, etc.

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