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Neoway Cat.1 Modules Are Popular, and Their Sales in the POS Industry Hit Record High

In 2019, Neoway Technology took the lead in launching the world's first wireless communication module N58 based on the UNISOC Cat.1 bis platform and realized the industry's first large-scale commercial use. After more than a year of exploration and hard work, Neoway Technology successively launched Cat.1 series products and entered new application fields. In the POS industry, millions of Neoway Technology's Cat.1 modules have been sold, and Neoway Technology's Cat.1 modules are also popular in 2021.

A POS machine is a typical networked terminal device. It is small and portable, supports pay-as-you-go, and requires real-time and fast upload and download of data. It does not require high bandwidth due to the small amount of data. Facing the gradual withdrawal of 2G/3G networks, Cat.1 modules, which have obvious advantages such as medium rate, low latency, and low cost, are the first choice for POS communication upgrades. Neoway Technology's Cat.1 modules can fully meet the terminal application requirements:

  • Supports the uplink rate of 5 Mbps and downlink rate of 10 Mbps, suitable for all medium/low rate IoT application scenarios including POS.
  • Supports both LTE Cat.1 and GPRS dual-mode, suitable for the industries that require network upgrades, helping customers achieve a smooth transition from 2G to 4G.
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scan functions, as well as the MOTA+FOTA function, so that Cat.1 modules can be maintained and upgraded locally or remotely.

Neoway Technology's Cat.1 products have been widely used in dozens of IoT industries around the world by 300+ customers. The industries include shared power bank, push-to-talk over cellular (PoC), smart charging pile, positioning tracking, T-BOX, vehicle smart box, and POS.

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