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Neoway Technology Continues to Lead the Power IoT Communications from 2G to 5G

The 42nd China Industry Technical Seminar & Exhibition on Electrical Instrumentation (hereinafter referred to as Electric Power Exhibition), a comprehensive power industry event, was opened in Wuhan on April 7, 2021. Well-known experts and representatives of upstream and downstream related enterprises participated in the event. They exchanged and discussed the status quo, development trend, and cutting-edge technology of the electric power industry. As a leader in the IoT wireless communications that has been deeply involved in the power industry for 12 years, Neoway Technology continues to attend this electric power exhibition.

Since State Grid first proposed the concept of smart grid in 2009, Neoway Technology has been accompanying the growth of China's power grid. Neoway Technology's wireless communications products include 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, Cat.1 (4G), and 5G products. These products are used in power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption to provide stable and reliable communications solutions for the intelligent and digital power grid. Neoway Technology has continuously ranked No.1 market share in the wireless communications field of China's power industry and is the power industry leader for more than 10 years.

The past 2020 was a year for the development of 5G applications. With the characteristics of high bandwidth and low latency, Neoway Technology's 5G wireless communications modules have provided favorable support for the collaboration and high-efficiency operation of the power industry.

  • 5G ultra-low latency allows replacement of optical fibers, and helps accurately use differential protection technology to quickly isolate fault points and shorten the fault isolation time from seconds to milliseconds. This helps meet users' power consumption needs to the greatest extent and significantly improves the distribution network management efficiency.
  • 5G high-bandwidth provides a stable high-speed transmission channel for power inspection, which frees the transmission of high-definition videos from cable restrictions. This enables dynamic monitoring devices, such as inspection robots and inspection drones, to inspect and monitor the power operating environments regardless of regions, time, and environments.
  • In terms of power centralized metering, although the concentrators, energy controllers, converged terminals, and other devices have used 4G communications and are mature, with the gradual deployment of 5G applications, low latency of Rel.16 and ubiquitous connectivity of Rel.17 will further improve the operating efficiency of the power industry. Neoway 5G products are also continuing to explore the possibility of more applications in the power industry.

Neoway products not only rank No.1 in the market share in the China power market but also are used in markets outside China. Neoway products have steadily ranked No.1 in the India power market since the 3G era. Neoway Cat.1 cellular modules have been used in the India power market, and continue to lead the market share. In addition, Neoway's cellular modules are also widely used in the power markets in Europe, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions, and have a leading market position.

Power IoT, in short, is to use IoT technology to empower the traditional power grid, continuously improve the perception capability, interaction level, and operating efficiency of the power grid, and make the power grid more "smart". Stable and reliable connectivity is indispensable. Neoway Technology will continue to work hard and innovate to promote the rapid development of power IoT, and more effectively raise the value of power IoT in society, in terms of environmental protection, efficiency, and convenience.

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