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Neoway's New 5G Modules Released at Shenzhen IOTE Help Promote Accelerated Development of 5G Applications

On October 23, 2021, the 16th Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen IOTE) was held. As a world-renowned professional IoT exhibition, although the Shenzhen IOTE was postponed for more than two months due to COVID-19, it still attracted many exhibitors and visitors. They exchanged advanced technical solutions, and showcased new products and applications, helping enrich the IoT ecosystem and promote the accelerated development of the IoT industry.

Neoway Technology comprehensively demonstrated the world's first cloud-pipe-device access communications system architecture and products, covering cellular modules and terminals of Neoaccess cloud, Neopipe cloud, and 2G/3G/4G/5G/NB-IoT/eMTC, and key industry solutions and application cases.

Neoway Technology released three new 5G cellular modules N511, N512, and N513 at Shenzhen IOTE. The strong product differentiation design of these 5G modules and Neopipe cloud help promote the accelerated development of 5G applications. N511, N512, and N513:

  • They are designed based on the 5G chip platform, and can support 5G NR extended frequency bands (n3, n5, and n8), helping operators expand and upgrade their frequencies.
  • High-precision timing less than 3 μs, reducing time synchronization errors, and can be applied to scenarios, such as power differential protection, high-definition sporting event live broadcast, and multi-AGV collaborative work.
  • Dual SIM dual standby (DSDS), supporting dual-network communications. If one operator's network communications are abnormal, the modules can actively switch to another operator's network to reduce service interruption and ensure stable online communications.
  • Working temperature: -40℃ to +85℃, adapting to a variety of complex working environments, with high reliability.
  • Combination with Neopipe cloud, helping monitor the quality of communications, and provide industrial customers with network detection, fault warning, and automatic switching to ensure communications stability and reliability.

Three new 5G modules N511, N512, and N513 of Neoway have their own differentiated advantages, focusing on the needs of different scenarios, and enabling thousands of industries in IoT:

  • N511 is a single-sided 4-antenna (2T4R) minimal module, and supports M.2 3052 standard package and plug and play; 4-antenna simplifies the design, reducing development and deployment costs for customers.
  • Current smallest 5G module N512 has dimensions of only 30 mm × 38 mm and can be applied to 5G terminals with high dimension requirements. N512 has 1T2R dual-antenna, simplifying the design while maintaining Gb-level download rates. N512 reduces power consumption by 30%, reduces terminal heat emitting, and effectively contributes to energy saving and emission reduction.
  • N513 supports OpenLinux and is convenient to develop; it has rich interfaces and can be connected to various external devices, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 6, Codec, GNSS, Ethernet, and sensor, to help the rapid development and commercial use  of terminals in different industries.

Neoway N511, N512, and N513 have their own characteristics and powerful functions. They can comprehensively and deeply cover applications in many industries, such as electric power, industry, health care, security, and live broadcast, and enable more vertical industries to accelerate digital and intelligent upgrades.

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