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Neoway Technology Collaborates with UNISOC and China Telecom to Build an NB-IoT Security Ecosystem

On November 11, 2021, UNISOC V8811 security platform was officially released for commercial use in the China Telecom system at the 2021 International Digital Technology Exhibition and Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo. As a UNISOC strategic partner, Neoway Technology was invited to participate in the launching ceremony of "Building an NB-IoT Security Ecosystem" and jointly release the NB-IoT security modules N306-CD and N21-CD developed by Neoway Technology based on UNISOC V8811, and work with industry partners to compose a new chapter in the NB-IoT security ecosystem.

In recent years, the wave of digitization and intelligence has swept the world, followed by data and information security issues. The cyber security situation is facing increasingly complex challenges, and data security issues and the construction of security defense systems have received increasing attention.

Neoway Technology launched two NB-IoT modules, N306-CD and N21-CD, based on UNISOC V8811 chip platform.

Platform upgrade, data more secure

N306-CD and N21-CD are based on the NB-IoT chip V8811 integrated with China Telecom's Mi'anlian SDK, which can help IoT terminals better, more securely and more economically access the telecommunications platform. In addition, N306-CD and N21-CD have passed the platform security architecture (PSA) security certification, integrated trusted execution environment (TEE), secure boot, secure upgrade, secure storage, identity authentication, national secret encryption and decryption, and other system-level terminal security capabilities. N306-CD and N21-CD can be used in scenarios with high security requirements, such as smart meters, city IoT sensing dedicated networks, and asset tracking, and can also be used in NB-IoT energy, logistics, digitalization, and other industries.

5G, enabling mass connections

N306-CD and N21-CD are developed on the newly upgraded chip platform V8811 and comply with 3GPP R16 standards. They will support R17 and can coexist with 5G NR networks and access 5G core networks, and continue to upgrade for 5G low power consumption and mass connections.

Extreme performance, power saving and reliable

N306-CD and N21-CD have a wide voltage range of 2.1 V to 4.2 V, ultra-low power consumption of PSM being less than 1.5 uA (over 50% optimized compared to the previous generation), and ultra-wide operating temperature range (-40℃ to 85℃) to complete data transmission.

In recent years, Neoway Technology and UNISOC have continued to work closely to accurately study industry trends and gain insights into customer needs, and have successively launched NB-IoT module N21, NB-IoT+GPRS dual-mode module N25, 5G industrial-grade module N510M, and the industry's first Cat.1 bis module N58. These modules have become well-known products in the industry, leading the development and innovation of technology and industry, and spawning many new forms and models of the IoT industry. In the future, Neoway will continue to work with upstream and downstream companies, such as UNISOC and China Telecom, to provide more stable, reliable, and secure innovative products and professional services to the Internet of everything.

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