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Neoway Tech's Chongqing Headquarters Project Signed and Settled in Yubei, Contributing to Chongqing's Digital Construction

On July 14th, Neoway Technology successfully signed a contract with the Yubei District Government in Chongqing regarding the headquarters project, officially establishing its base in the Yubei District, Chongqing. Key attendees at the meeting included Yang Xiaoyun, Secretary of Yubei District Committee; Liao Hongjun, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee and District Mayor; Jing Genyuan, Deputy Director of the Municipal Big Data Development Bureau; Yang Fan, Standing Committee Member of the District Committee and Deputy District Mayor; Guo Linyuan, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Digital Chongqing Company. Representatives from the district committee, the government office, and Xiantao Data Valley Company were also present. Wang Kang, the Chairman of Neoway Technology, and Zhao Yu, Senior Partner and General Manager of Chongqing Neoway Technology, attended the signing ceremony.

The successful initiation and ongoing implementation of the project are clear indicators that Neoway Technology is collaborating with the Chongqing city government and Yubei District. The goal is to build a Chongqing IoT Perception Platform, in compliance with the digital Chongqing "1361" overarching framework, following a "build, manage, use, operate" closed-loop model.

One major aim of this venture is to establish a unified IoT perception platform, which is a solution to the current issue of inadequate data sharing. Another critical objective is to develop a standard IoT specification to harmonize access protocols that currently have different standards. The project also aims to provide a comprehensive catalog of perception resources, which will be used to efficiently manage the city's IoT perception resources. Moreover, by coordinating the construction of the city's IoT perception system, the project intends to centralize efforts and consequently reduce fiscal expenditure. It will also serve to accumulate platform data, which will be instrumental in supporting business applications and stimulating high-quality industrial development. The platform is designed to collect IoT perception data that supports the specific applications of the six major digital Chongqing race tracks. This setup allows the development of comprehensive applications across numerous scenarios and sectors, such as fire safety and emergency vehicle lights. Promoting data linkage between departments via IoT perception applications is another integral aspect of this project. This strategy aims to drive the high-quality development of the IoT industry in the Chengdu-Chongqing region.

The Chongqing IoT Perception Platform is an important measure to implement the "Opinions on the Construction of Digital Chongqing", which proposed the "construction of a unified city-wide IoT platform". As a basic digital infrastructure, the Chongqing IoT Perception Platform solidifies an integrated intelligent public data platform, supports the construction of new IoT data communication infrastructures, and promotes the shared construction, sharing, and usage of IoT perception resources.

In December 2022, Neoway Technology was selected for the Chongqing Star Program. On December 28 of the same year, Chongqing held the second batch of major project signing ceremony for the Star Program, where Neoway Technology was invited to attend and speak as a corporate representative. Under the witness of the Secretary and the Mayor, Neoway Technology signed a contract with the Municipal Big Data Bureau. Both parties will promote the construction and operation of Chongqing's urban IoT system in accordance with the "1+1+1+N" framework (1 operating entity, 1 IoT perception platform, 1 set of standard specifications, and N key application scenarios). Over the past year, leaders from the Yubei District and the Municipal Big Data Bureau have visited Neoway Technology multiple times for work inspections.

With the strong support from the municipal and district departments, Neoway Technology will be deeply rooted in Yubei, serving the whole region, providing IoT communication capabilities, promoting the high-quality development of Chongqing's IoT industry, and contributing to the digital construction of Chongqing.

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