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Neoway Technology Signs with Xining High-tech Industrial Park, Opening New Horizons in IoT Perception

From the 20th to the 24th of July, the 22nd Qinghai China Investment and Trade Fair for Green Development, referred to as "the Qinghai trade fair,” was held in the provincial capital Xining. This year's gathering, themed "Open Cooperation and Green Development," underscored the emergence of innovative methods for sustainable growth, the active participation of multiple stakeholders, international standard elevation, digital empowerment, and content creativity. The event endeavored to amplify the promotional and demonstrative capabilities of the Qinghai trade fair, thus unveiling new characteristics, highlights, and accomplishments.

Simultaneously, at the Qinghai trade fair, the Xining City Investment Promotion and Digital Economy Special Signing Ceremony was convened on the 21st of July. As a key high-tech enterprise in Xining's investment promotion, Neoway Technology formally signed an agreement with the Administrative Committee of the Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone High-Tech Industrial Park. This alliance paves the way for the establishment of an integrated research, production, and sales corporate entity. The firm is dedicated to constructing an urban IoT perception system for operation and service capabilities, anchoring itself in Qinghai while extending its influence to the surrounding regions.

Neoway Technology will join forces with the Xining municipal government and the High-Tech Industrial Park, committed to earnest cooperation. Through principles of complementary advantages and mutual benefit, they will intensively cultivate the field of urban IoT perception. In alignment with the "1+1+1+1+N" architecture, encompassing one laboratory, one operating entity, one set of standards and norms, one IoT perception platform, and N key application scenarios, they will propel the construction of the urban IoT perception system in Qinghai Province. Concurrently, Neoway Technology will leverage its profound technical prowess and extensive experience in fields such as smart cities, intelligent transportation, and smart education, thereby fueling the high-quality development of Qinghai's digital industry.

The Qinghai High-Tech Industrial Development Zone is a national pilot industrial park for the circular economy, amalgamating essential production factors in Qinghai Province, such as resources, capital, technology, information, and talent. It represents a significant concentration of high-tech industries in Qinghai Province. Under the robust organizational guarantee and institutional foundations provided by the Qinghai Provincial Government, the development zone actively implements resource-saving and eco-friendly principles. The park has garnered remarkable achievements in areas like planning, spatial layout, industrial chain design, energy usage, resource utilization, infrastructure, ecological environment, and operation management. These accomplishments have hastened the park's development towards greener, more intelligent, high-end, integrated, and service-oriented directions. A preliminary formation of a locale-specific industrial system and business clusters has been achieved, characterized by concentrated layout, green structure, and ecological linkage. This has in turn, stimulated the rapid development of the regional economy.

Upon successful contract signing and settling in, Neoway Technology will adapt to Qinghai's unique geographical characteristics, innovating applications such as geological disaster monitoring platforms for the anomaly movement of hazardous rock masses. Special emphasis will be placed on the establishment of geological disaster research and development data laboratories, alongside applications for national-level laboratories to expedite innovative research and development, thereby creating novel digital applications with Qinghai's industrial features.

Currently, Neoway Technology is intensifying its market layout and resource investment in key provinces. Having signed agreements to settle in Xi'an and Chongqing, the company is providing local urban governance and industrial digitization, and intelligent development with IoT perception systems that are customized to local needs, capable of "building, managing, operating, and using" to satisfy industry development. This contributes to multi-domain, comprehensive, and leapfrogging development.

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